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“I have worked with Reliable Properties for over 10 years and know that if you are looking for a great team to help manage your Association then you are in good hands. Sandra and her organization are among the top in the industry. The kind of service you get will be nothing less than professional, honest and just like their name “Reliable”. We appreciate the many years of helping them keep there properties looking great and look forward to many years to come.”

– Jack Baldwin, 
Ted Conner Landscaping


“I have been a long-time President at FMC. During the seven years of service provided, the Board of Directors has been very pleased with RPM, their professionalism, attitude, and exceptional attention. RPM regularly checks and performs inspections for violations, in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing community.

I wholeheartedly recommend RPM’s team for outstanding service to any condominium association.”

– F. Arboine


“Sandra, as a President of the Board of Director of our Condominium, it has been a pleasure to know you and your staff. You were referred to us by another Community BOD President, and its been of great help having you as our Management Company. Our assigned Manager is very reliable, cordial and consistent. Through all these years you made possible a range of multiple projects including our roof replacement; and building painting. You have implemented the new residents screening process and have successfully enforced our rules and regulations. We can notice the difference!

Thank you for your support and dedication.”

– D. Allen


“I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Reliable Property Management as a management company for your property. I first met Sandra when she was hired by our Master Association as an Office Manager. Shortly after that, we decided to stop self-managing our Association and turned it over to her company, RPM, to manage. Besides serving as treasurer on the Master, I am also the president of a sub-association. A few years later, we decided to hire her company too. Her prices are very competitive and fair. She employs only the best – all of her employees are hardworking, quick learners and courteous. The company, as a whole, is a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating. She and her employees are very flexible and eager to take on new challenges. I am thoroughly convinced that RPM would be as great an asset to your community as they have been to ours.”

– S. Franklin


“We were referred to RPM by a friend of mine, which is a homeowner in one of Sandra’s communities. My friend was sure that RPM was the right company to manage our small community. We interviewed RPM and some other companies as well. But at the end, we were convinced that RPM was and is the right management company for our community. We are very satisfied and happy with our assigned Property Manager. Mrs. Mena is very professional, courteous, and friendly. Mrs. Mena is always available to promptly respond to our needs. We will recommend RPM to your community the same way they were recommended to us, as a Professional and Customer Service Oriented Management Company.”

– M. Rodriguez


“Sandra, I just wanted you to know in writing what a fantastic job Rosie is doing. She responds quickly when something is needed. She truly represents R. P. M. and you well. She is also proactive and we like that. The services she and your office staff has provided have been excellent. RPM has truly been an asset to our Community.”

– K. Johnson


“We decided to go with RPM as our community’s manager after spending several years with one of the largest management firms. My biggest frustration with the previous management company was the constant rotating doors of managers within our community. It seemed like every six months I was introduced to our new property manager who had to be brought up to speed with the happenings within our community. The constant change cause many problems such as bills getting paid timely, moving community improvements forward, and having effective communications with the members’. Since making the change to RPM, I have had a much more enjoyable time as a board member of our community. As their name states, RPM provides reliable property management on a consistent basis. Since taking over in 2012, RPM’s service oriented approach has had a great impact in moving our community forward in a positive way.”

– J Greenbaum,


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