The RPM Advantage


Our hard-earned expertise enables RPM to provide value in ways that are often difficult to quantify, such as guiding Boards in anticipating potential issues and planning appropriately or auditing past performance and making improvements based on best practices developed and continually improved upon over 18 years. RPM professionals have extensive experience in the industry.


RPM provides a dedicated, professional team of people to attend to the needs to each community.

Purchasing Power:

RPM’s innovative approach to Insurance, banking, and contract services provides significant benefits to each Association.


RPM has negotiated master policies that provide broader coverage at significantly lower rates with lower deductibles than the regularly offered policies. These policies are unparalleled in the industry.


RPM has established a unique relationship with the prestigious banks institutions in which all of the Associations’ checking accounts earn significantly higher interest, with no restriction on the access to their funds, while at the same time incurring substantially reduced banking charges. The benefit is that each Association’s money is working for it at all times.

Contract Services:

RPM has built strong relationships with numerous contractors which allow it to provide high quality, warranted work at preferred customer rates. All contractors approved by RPM are properly insured and agree to indemnify the Associations.

R.P.M. Emergency On-Call:

An emergency phone service is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays. This service is provided to assist owners in emergency situations. Backed by plumbers, electricians, restoration specialists, and other contractors, RPM facilities the appropriate response to emergency situations.


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