Administrative Management: R.P.M. will promote a meaningful Board/Resident/Agent relationship to ensure proper operational management and maintenance exercising proper liaison and supervision with respect to the Association’s matters.


Strict Ethical Standards: R.P.M. believe that our obligation to our customers goes beyond the monthly operating reports, we seek longevity in our relationships with our clients, and we know that performance and ethics is the only way to ensure it.


Legal Department: R.P.M. counts with a legal department which will handle all legal matters for the Association.


Bid Specifications / Procurement: We will provide the Association with the most competitive bids, having in mind the professionalism and experience of the bidder.


Aggressive Cost Controls: We will look forward in savings on maintenance and community services cost and a reduction of overall expenditures.


Violation Letters: Letters will be sent out to all violators of the Association Covenants and By-Laws. Violators must comply within a deadline to avoid fines and legal procedures.


Job Supervision: All site jobs will be supervised by the Community Manager, making sure that job performance complies with specifications.


Complete Financial Services:

1) Maintenance Fee Collection

2) Daily deposits/Bank Lock Box System

3) Delinquent Account Collection: After the due date all delinquent accounts will be referred to the Association

Attorney’s Firm for legal collection procedures.

4) Monthly Financial Reports: showing where Association

funds have been used…